Futian Market District 4

International Trade City District 4 mainly sells: sgloves, hats, shoes, cable, lace, tie, wool yarn, towels, bra, underwear, belts, and scarves. Please refer to the following for details

Floor Industry Block
1F Socks  
2F Daily Consumable West
Hat East
Other Knitting Products
3F Sewing Thread & Tape West
Wool Yarn
Shoe East
4F Belt West
Bar & Underware East

This is the youngest and well-developed district of all. Its total area covers 1,008,000 m2 and has over 19,000 shops. This district is greener and environmental-friendly. First floor is for socks and the second floor is for textile, gloves, and hats. Third floor is for shoes, ribbons, laces, ties, threads, and towels. Fourth floor deals into bras, under wears, belts, and shawls. It is replete with modern facilities like automatic roof windows, rainfall collection system and solar energy generators, even a 4D cinema and nice food joint.