Futian Market District 3

International Trade City District 3 mainly sells: sporting goods, cosmetics, glasses, zipper, button, garment accessories. Please refer to the following for deatils

Floor Industry Block
1F Glasses H
Pens & Ink/Paper Articles L2
2F Office Supplies
Sports Equipments
Office Supplies H
Sports Equipments
Stationery & Sports L3
3F Cosmetic L2
Wash & Skin Care H
Beauty Salon Equipment
Cosmetic Accessories
Fashion Accessories
Accessories / Parts L3
4F Stationery & Sports H

This is a five-storey building spread across 460,000 m2 with over 7000 shop fronts. Different floors deal into different products. First floor and second floor are for glasses, pens, office articles, sports products and paper products. Third floor and 4th floor are for cosmetics and accessories, buttons, zippers, and other fashion accessories. Facilities like logistics, banking, accommodation, catering and entertainment are also there in this district.