Futian Market District 1

International Trade City district one sells artificial flowers, Toys, jewelries and accessories, Arts and crafts etc.,The following table shows the location of the major product in this section

Floor Industry Block
F1 Flower A
Flower & fitting B
Plush Toys
Plush Toys C
Inflatable Toys
Electric Toys
Electric Toys D
Common Toys
Common Toys E
F2 Hair Ornament A/B
Hair Ornament/Jewelry C
Jewelry D/E
F3 Festival Arts A
Decorative Arts
Decorative Arts B/C
Porcelain/Crystal D
Toursim Arts/Frame
Frame E
Jewelry Accessory
F4 Flower/Accessory A
Arts & Crafts B/C
Accessory D/E

 This is the biggest of all the other districts. The seven year market is a 4-floor-building that occupies a total area of 340,000 m2, and holds 10,500+ shop fronts. Almost 95% of the shops in this district are for exporting business only, and the salesman can speak a little English as well.

This part of the market houses fast serving restaurants, resting lounge, banks, and internet etc. Therefore, sourcing from here is quite easy. First floor deals with toys and artificial flowers; second floor is for jewelry and the third floor is for jewelry accessories, art & crafts. However, fourth floor is only for factory outlets and the variety is also limited here.