Yiwu Market

Yiwu is the center of attention of buyers from all over the world. The best thing about Yiwu is that it is open throughout the year which makes it an ideal place for foreigners to buy from Yiwu at their desired time of the year.

Yiwu market is the hub of wholesale shopping in China. Here you can find almost everything you can think of from jewelry store, dollar exchange, supermarket, trading company, retail market and more at a very cheap price.

There are a lot of markets in Yiwu but if you want to find everything at one place without roaming around different markets then Yiwu International Trade City and Futian Market are the best options for you.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions.

1. How many markets are there in Yiwu?
2. Who purchases from Yiwu market?
3. Why Yiwu market?
4. How can I do business in Yiwu market?

1. How many markets are there in Yiwu?

There are a lot of markets in Yiwu. However these markets are basically divided according to the goods they offer. Please see the below table to get an idea of what we mean.

Specialized Markets

Brief Information

Art & crafts market

Offers glass gifts, wooden gifts, crystal goods, bead &stone goods, Christmas gifts, and all kinds of handmade goods etc.

Stationeries Market

Offers pencil, fountain pen, ball pen, pencil box files and all kinds of office supply.

Accessories Market

Offers handmade ring, earring, necklace, hair pin, wig, and all kinds of imitation jewelry etc.

Clocks & watches Market

Offers all kinds of electric/machine clocks& watches

Sports Goods Market

Offers all kinds of sports and leisure goods( football, volleyball, badminton, bicycle, running machine, etc.)

Textile Market

Offers clothes, cloth material, towel, and tie etc

Socks Market

Offers all kinds of socks( 100% cotton, nylon materials)

Tool Market

Offers screw driver, forceps, electronic tools, hand tools, garden tools, and all kinds of tool set

Toys Market

Offers all kinds of toys (woolen toys, wooden toys, plastic toys ,electronic toys etc.)

Electric Products Market

Offers all kind of radio recorder, vcd/cd/mp3 player, earphone, microphone iron etc.

Apart from the markets listed above, you can also find glass market, umbrella market, kitchenware market, artificial flower market, lace & ribbon market and even more in Yiwu.

2. Who purchases from Yiwu market?

Buyers from all over the world comes to Yiwu to get their desired product at cheap rates because over thirty thousand factories and ten thousand wholesalers from all over the China have their showrooms in Yiwu market. That means just coming to Yiwu is equal to visit every market in every city of China.

That is the main reason why more than ten thousands foreigners purchases goods from Yiwu market at a cheap rate and sell to the world at a profitable rate.

Look at the below stats to get an idea of business done in Yiwu market:

  • USA: more than USD200 million
  • Eastern-South Asian: more than USD330 million 
  • United Arab Emirates: more than USD180 million
  • Russia: more than USD150 million
  • UE: more than USD570 million
  • Southern America: more than USD610 million
  • Oceania: more than USD30 million
  • Africa: more than USD120 million
  • Welcome to Yiwu Market to start your business.
3. Why Yiwu market?

The answer is simple. Yiwu market is the hub of wholesale shopping. You can buy everything you can think of here at factory rate which is very cheap. Also you can find all the latest designs and brand new product here at Yiwu market.

Apart from that Yiwu is very comfortable for foreigners as there are many good hotels and restaurants.

4. How can I do business in Yiwu market?

Doing business in Yiwu market is very profitable but at the same time it is risky too. The buyers often get confused with so many choices available to them. Some buyers even fall prey to the scammers hidden among honest suppliers.

But don’t worry, we can help you. We are native Chinese and are well aware of the Yiwu market. We know the honest suppliers and can point out the scammers too.

So if you decide to do business in Yiwu, all you have to do is to contact us and we will make everything hassle-free for you.