Order Follow

We will be with you at every step of importing items from Yiwu. In fact we will do everything on your behalf. It’s like having your personal assistant working for you.

 Following Up Orders

After our trip to the market with you, we will give you a document listing all the products that you liked in the market along with the CBM details and pricing of every product.

This way it will be easy for you to compare them and choose those you want to go with. Then you can just mark the finalized items and we will get to work to get that order ready for you. While you can go back to your country with peace of mind.

Background Check on Suppliers

We will perform a background check on the chosen supplier before you make any payment to them to ensure that they are not scammers.

Collection of Goods

Once the order is confirmed and you deposit the payment for supplier to us. We will collect the items from the suppliers you chose on the price they agreed upon with you.

Warehouse and Quality Check

We will then keep your order in our warehouse and perform a quality check to ensure that the order is according to your requirement. In case if we find it low quality, we will contact the supplier to make it up to the mark. We will also send a list of completed order along with their pictures for your confirmation too. Then you will send the balance payment.  

Packaging and Shipping

We will take care of the packaging of your order and book the container. Once the container is dispatched, we will inform you and you will receive it at the preferred destination.

Custom Clearance Documents

We will arrange the required export documents including Certificate of fumigation, Egypt authentication, Without wood packaging certification, CIQ, Commercial Invoice, packing list etc. for custom clearance. We will also send you the original bill and other document by express mail for your record.