Market Guiding

The assistants at Sunny Global Link LTD provides great market guiding services. Here’s how

  1. Our professional assistants are highly trained and have been helping our customers to choose the best item at most reasonable price according to their requirements. They have years of experience and great know-how about each sector of Yiwu market. On top of that, they are very proficient in English and can provide a swift communication between you and the supplier through their translation skills.
  2. They will be your guide and take you to the Yiwu market. When they are with you, you don’t have to worry about remembering the rates or shops. They will note down everything for you including the article no, description of your chosen item, its size, its color etc. They will also take snaps of those items for easy remembrance.
  3. They will also provide information about each supplier so you don’t become a prey to scammers.
  4. They will make order forms for your chosen items that will enable you to easily match prices, total amount, total cube meter, etc.

Translation Services

Our interpreters are native Chinese and are very proficient in English. When they are with you during your visit to the market, no one can scam you. Also they can make the communication between you and the supplier very easy.

They will be your great help in surveying the market for your desired product. They can also negotiate the prices with the supplier for you.

The best thing about our interpreters is that they have strong command of English and Chinese languages as well as high knowledge of Yiwu market.

This translation service is available for a small fee of 25 USD per day. This fee is refundable when order is placed.