Air Port Pick Up

To make your visit as worry-free as possible, we provide you a complete solution to visit Yiwu city. Whether you are coming here for the first time or have been here before, Sunny Global Link LTD will make your trip a memorable experience. Starting from airport pick-up service to your purchasing and shipping, you can trust us as your reliable partner in Yiwu. 
We provide pick-up service from Yiwu airport to your hotel in the most luxurious cars. We can also arrange pick-up service from other airports for which the charges are mentioned below:
  • Yiwu airport; Free
  • Shanghai Pudong airport: USD130 (one way)
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport USD 60 (one way)

    If your order is a HQ or more for the 1st time, we offer one way free service from Hangzhou

Kindly provide the following details to book our airport pick-up service and help us serve you better.
  • Your full name:
  • Flight arrival date to Yiwu / Shanghai / Hangzhou:
  • Flight arrival time:
  • Airline:
  • Full flight number:
  • Number of passengers to be picked up:
  • Location of drop off in Yiwu:
  • Type/amount of luggage (e.g. suitcases, sportsbags, bicycle, skis, etc):

You can book our airport pick-up service online or send the details to You will receive an email from us confirming the details of your pick-up service.

Come to Yiwu from other major cities in China
Hongkong to Yiwu
Hangzhou to Yiwu
Guangzhou to Yiwu
Shanghai to Yiwu
Beijing to Yiwu
Pick up from Yiwu

Hangzhou to Yiwu

Its very conveneinet to to take trains from Hangzhou to Yiwu, usually it take about an hour,here are some of the major fast trains from Hangzhou to Yiwu, please check below

HongKong to Yiwu

There is no direct flight from Hong Kong to Yiwu. However, one can fly from Hong Kong to Hangzhou or Shanghai first, and then take a bus or by rail way to get to yiwu

Some of the major flights from Hong Kong to Hangzhou please check below

Guangzhou to Yiwu

Many visitors come to explore international trade fairs in both Guangdong and Yiwu. Combining your trip to both the cities during fairs is a good idea as commutating between Guangzhou and Yiwu is quite easy.

There are 5-6 flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu. Though, scheduled departures may change time-to-time,

Some of the major flights from  Guangzhou to Yiwu please check below

Shanghai to Yiwu

There is a very frequent service of trains from Shanghai to Yiwu. Take Line 7 airport bus from Shanghai Pudong Airport runs to Shanghai South Railway Station. Below is the list of direct trains available from Shanghai South Railway Station to Yiwu. (Super fast trains are in bold letters.)