Sunny Glolbal Link Ltd offer a wide range of services to make importing from Yiwu most profitable and hassle free experience for all our customers. Our business is not only limited to Yiwu, we can help you import items from anywhere in China. 
Our export services include product sourcing, purchasing assistance, airport pickup, hotel booking, market guiding, translation, commodity inspection, warehousing, China customs Declarations, container loading, International shipping (both by sea and by air), prepare customs clearance documents etc. 

Our services process:

Yiwu Sourcing Agent of Small Commodities Markets

Sunny Global Link LTD is a professional export agency in Yiwu. We offer professional services of International trade, such as sourcing, purchasing agency, translate services and export agent etc. We opening our headquarters in Yiwu China.

Yiwu Hotel Booking
Airport Pickup
yiwu hotel
Book hotel with 35-50% discount for clients

Pick clients up on airport (Shanghai, Hangzhou or Yiwu) by car

Yiwu Market Guiding

Guide clients to visit the right product markets and visit the suitable stalls one by one, or visit the good factories if neccesory

Do interpretatation and negotiation of prices for clients with suppliers, and translation the order content for clients to check the prices, total amount, etc.

Purchasing Assistant
Product Sourcing

Note down the order, write all the details down such as :article No, description, quantity, size, colour, package details, cube meter, at the same time take the photos for all the goods

Source the production as your inquiry and send popular and latest production information to client.

Commodity Inspection
Our Warehousing

Inspect the goods quality at factory by our own before they were delivery to warehouse

Collect the goods to our own warehouse with good care and keeping before loading

China Customs Declarations
Container Loading
Prepare the export documents concerned to China customs declaretion
Load the goods into the container as clients' requirement, take photoes and send to clients for reference once container loading finished
Customs Clearance
International Shipping


Send all the document together with B/L by express deliver, for clients to do the Customs clearance.


Arrange transportation, delivery goods to clients as request by Sea/Air/Land or other way such as Post/Express.
We at Sunny Global Link LTD can:
  • find the item you require as we have a wide factory network connection.
  • accept small or even trial orders as we trust that you’re your business will grow; order will increase too.
  • provide pre-production samples and guarantee quality delivery.
  • perform quality check for you during production.
  • deliver your order on time.
  • offer custom production
  • store your goods in our warehouse free of cost.

We aim to provide you an exceptional customer service and make sure to assist you at every step of importing from China. We are dedicated to build long term business relationship with all our customers.

Our Services Process

We at Sunny Global Link LTD will be with you from start to end. That means we will assist you at every step of importing from China.

Here’s what you can expect from us before coming to Yiwu:
  • We will advise you the best time period for your business trip to China.
  • We value your time and that’s why we will find out the suppliers and even arrange meetings for you before you come to China.
  • We will issue China Invitation letter for you and can also help you with any visa related issue.
  • We will book hotel for you at a discounted rate.
  • We will provide airport pickup services in Yiwu, Shanghai and Hangzhou
Here’s what to expect from us when you are in Yiwu
  • We will assist you in visiting the best markets and shops according to your desired item. We can also take you to the factories if you want.
  • We can serve as translators between you and the supplier so you can communicate without language barrier.
  • We can negotiate prices on your behalf with the supplier.
  • We will save every detail for you including the article number, item description, order quantity, size, color, package details, cube meter and will also click photographs for all the items you have ordered.
  • We will prepare order forms so you can cross check the price, total amount and total cube meter of your item.
Here’s what we will do after you complete Yiwu purchasing
  • We will contact suppliers and finalize the orders on your behalf and according to your requirements.
  • We will follow up and make sure that the order is ready by your desired time.
  • We will provide you FREE warehouse storage by storing your order in our warehouse.
  • We will inspect the order and make sure it is ready according to your requirements.
  • We will handle the suppliers’ payment on your behalf.
  • We will book shopping, arrange shipment and even prepare export documents and foreign country import documents for custom clearance.
  • We will send all the document together with B/L by express mail for your customs clearance.
We can be your most reliable business assistants even if you are not in China. Here’s how
  • When you need any product sourcing in China, we can provide you a quotation for it in shortest possible time.
  • We can send you the latest, updated and popular products’ information to you.
  • We will deal with suppliers on your behalf and even inspect orders for you by following up with them. We will check the quality, quantity, packing details and every other details of your order before dispatching it to you.
  • We will also send you an inspection report.