We Find Right Things at Cheap Price

There is a Chinese saying “Buy cheap to sell cheap”, we firmly believe this, only if you can get good price then you can have good profit margin. We are making all our effort to help you source good suppliers, so you can keep competitive in your markets.

How to buy product cheap from China? 

  1. Find the right place 
  2. If you buy 3C products, you should go to Shenzhen, if you buy leather clothing, you should go to Haining, if you are in line of sports shoes, you should go to Jinjiang, if you buy fashion clothing, you should go to Hangzhou or Guangzhou, etc,. If you want all these products together in one container, come to Yiwu will be the best choice; here you got suppliers in different lines from around the country to display their products in Yiwu show room. We will gather all these information to our knowledge base and give our suggestions to customers for their purchase.

  3. Find the right supplier
  4. If you are buying from Yiwu market, usually its better to find a supplier who have a factory (although most suppliers will tell you they are the factory, but we know this is not true), so you can get a better price direct from the factory. We will give you advice how to select from these supplies from our experience.If you are buying a certain product by containers, you definitely need to find a good factory, is a big factory good? Not possibly, they might have very good office, people wear uniforms, nice equipment, but in many cases, they will outsource your order to a small factory but only give them maybe 80% of your contract value. We will help you find a smaller factory who can make the product as per your requirement with cheaper price

  5. Quantity
  6. This definitely have the biggest impact on the final price especially in Yiwu market, the unit price of a 10000 USD order maybe 1.5 or 2 times higher than a 100000 USD order.

  7. Reorder from the same supplier
  8. If you continue buying from the same supplier, you will get discounts gradually, some times 20 or 30% discounts if your accumulated order reached a certain level, people like to do business with old friends, they know your style of doing things, and communication cost was minimized.

  9. Buy stocks
  10. Stocks are usually very cheap, the factory is unable to sell the custom made product for various reasons, i.e.:, the product have defects, the final product is not made to the customer’s requirement, or the customer’s bankrupt so that they have to abandon the product. You need to be very careful when buying stocks, sellers are tend not to tell you the real history for the goods, you have to take the risks and make decisions your self.

How we can assist you and make things cheap?

  1. Understand your business and product
  2. We will learn the basics of you business and products, so we can be better communicate with you, help you find your products the fastest speed, understand you needs, and correctly pass the information to your supplier, and avoid misunderstandings for the requirement for the products to save time.

  3. New designs
  4. Our suppliers are willing to introduce their new product to us, some of the designs may not be their own design but their other’s customs design, we can pass this information to you so you can have an idea of the market information.

  5. Staff Management
  6. Our staff’s salary is above the average salary in our profession, we don’t work over time, we paying our staff if they really need to work over time. We need our staff is happy with their income, happy with the work from hearts, so they can better serve our customer.